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Botox Study Group

On select days at Bury Dental Centre we will be holding a study club to discuss all things related to anti-wrinkle treatments.

The Study Group is restricted to 6 members only, and all members will be dentists or dental therapists who have undergone or about to start in facial aesthetics training

For models, your prices will be discounted if you can attend for treatments during our Study Group Days. Your treatment will be carried out by either a trained professional as part of a refresher course, or by a training delegate under the direct and close supervision of a trained professional. You will have to be willing to consent to photos of your treatment (which will be anonymized) to be used for marketing.

If you are interested in being a model and would like to know our next Study Group Days, please let one of our team know or call us on 0161 761 1909, or email us with the form below, let us know how many areas you would possibly want treating on the day.

A deposit is required to secure your appointment, and this is £65 and can be paid over the phone. Please note, this is not refundable if you fail your appointment, or cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the appointment.

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