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Tel: 0161 761 1909

Emergency Treatments

We welcome all patients in need of dental emergency treatment. One emergency slot is reserved
on each opening day, so please contact us as soon as possible on 0161 761 1909.

You do not have to be a patient with us to see us.

Dental Emergencies

So that you can budget for your dental emergency our fees are described as follows:-

If you wish to be seen on the same day, there is a same day emergency visit fee of £60
that we would require to reserve your appointment.

If your dental emergency is arranged for another day, the emergency visit fee is £50,
and this is required to reserve your appointment.

*Plan members do not have to pay this emergency visit fee. If you choose to join
one of our plans on the day, you will not have to pay the emergency visit fee
and the treatment will be discounted.

The emergency dental fee reserves your appointment. It includes any necessary x-rays.
It does not include treatment.

Simple emergency treatment (eg. crown re-cement, temporary filling,
broken filling temporary repair, draining abscess) £80

Complex emergency treatment (eg. dental extraction, nerve dressing,
temporary crown fabrication & cement, dental trauma) £120

Any antibiotics £10

Whether you have toothache, swelling, a broken tooth or lost a filling or crown, call us on

 0161 761 1909

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