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Facial Aesthetics
Professional BTX-A treatments and facial aesthetic treatments

Dental plans available as well as finance plans that can be tailored
to suit your budget. Please ask a member of our team.
Subject to status


A face-to-face consultation is required prior to all anti-wrinkle injection treatments, during which you can

discuss your concerns, and where photos can be taken and the appropriate treatment can be prescribed

just for you. This is free.

Free Top-up for Muscle-Relaxant treatments

All those having botulinum toxin treatments will be allowed to schedule for one appointment for a free top-up

within 2 months only if required.

All our facial cosmetic treatments are performed by a
healthcare professional to care for the treatments you are having.
(Study Group Days, your treatment may be carried
out by other trained professionals or delegates undergoing training under direct and
close supervision of trained professionals.)

Your treatment is carried out in a clinical environment that is pleasant and adheres to the

highest standards of infection-control and health and safety.

We do not compromise on the quality of the products we use or the care we

provide with lower prices.

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