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We offer a range of treatments for you at Bury Dental Centre
and listed below are just a few examples and a fee guide.

Please note that this is just a guide and any fees will be discussed with you when you come for
treatment and a full written treatment plan will be given to you also.


Non-plan members

  Plan Members
Free Consultation to discuss your aspirations and wants
Free consultation smile design dentist cosmetic dentistry Bury Manchester
(a refundable deposit of £50
is needed to secure this appointment)

Full Dental Examination
(for new patients or not been to see us in over 18 months)
(not including x-rays)

£50   £30
Orthodontic assessment, including photos,
and study models (not including x-rays)
  £80   £80

Emergency Visit Fee
(also will need to add treatment fee)
  £50   Free for Plan Members
Same Day Emergency Visit Fee
(also will need to add treatment fee)
  £60   Free for Plan Members
Simple emergency treatment
(eg. crown recement, temporary filling, broken filling temporary repair, draining abscess)
  £80   £68 for Plan Members  
Complex emergency treatment
(eg. dental extraction, nerve dressing, temporary crown fabrication & cement, dental trauma)
  £120   £102 for Plan Members  
Antibiotics   £10   £8.50 for Plan Members

Dental Hygiene
From £70 to £400 dependant on treatment
(from simple fillings to complex fillings)
From £120 to £360 per filling
(all fillings done under quality control, and where possible
under rubber-dam, using tooth-coloured material)

From £200 to £250 for one course of whitening
(professional whitening only)
Braces (orthodontics)
From £150/month to £700/month
(all cases assessed and treated by our orthodontist)
Implants From £2500 to £4000 per implant and crown
(referrals to oral surgeon, using quality
and not cheap implants)
Smile Makeovers
From £360 to £1000 per tooth
Crowns/Onlays From £550 to £1000 per tooth
(Emax and all-ceramic Crown and Bridge work from
UK private laboratory)
From £102 to £320 per tooth
Mouth Guards
From £80 to £460
From £450 to £1500
(private quality laboratory work)
Root Canal Treatment
From £350 to £750
(treatments done under a dental microscope,
using the latest of equipment)
Temporary reduction of lines and wrinkles
From £155 to £800 dependant on treatments,
with BTX-A and temporary dermal fillers.

The above fee guide is not an exhaustive list of all treatments we offer and is only a guide.

Monthly figures are based on 0% finance spreading payments over 12 months.

Fees also dependent on plan membership for the discounted amounts.

Orthodontics and Implants are not discounted for plan members.

We understand that dentistry can be complex and that knowing what treatment is necessary, why, and
the costs can be confusing. Your needs are unique to you. In dentistry one size doesn’t fit all. So to ensure
you have the knowledge to make informed decisions about your care we will always:-

  • Provide you with all the treatment options
  • We will explain why a treatment is necessary and what it involves
  • Provide you with a full treatment plan and estimate of costs

View our many testimonials to see how we help so many make the right choice.

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