Composite Bonding 
is where we use a tooth coloured restorative material called composite to build up on to a tooth. 
We use adhesive dentistry to bond the composite onto the teeth, and often there is either minimal or no drilling of teeth.
Composite Veneers 

are where we use the composite to cover the whole surface of the tooth. They are usually bonded stronger than porcelain veneers with less chance of breakage and are easier to repair and much more cost effective too. The quick Mini Smile Makeover.

0% finance options available, over 24 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use a range of composites to best suit each person and tooth: from sonicfills to microfills, nanofills and microhybrids, from superbright to white and natural shades. Composites are great for cosmetic and functional fillings, as well as a great material for managing tooth wear cases too.

To best find out suitability, we suggest a consultation with us. Please note we cannot guarantee you will be suitable for Composite Bonding. If we do not recommend the treatment, then alternatives can be discussed. It is important that you are comfortable to have treatment with us, and it is equally important that we are comfortable to treat you. 

Since each case needs to be assessed on its own merits, alternatives will be discussed during your visit to see us.

As with any cosmetic treatment, one alternative is to have no treatment. However, in some instances, doing no treatment can mean things like tooth wear or erosion or abrasion damage, or tooth decay or gum disease get worse.

Composite is a versatile material, and often a great choice for building and enhancing the look of teeth. One alternative is to use Porcelain. Porcelain can be used as crowns or veneers, or bridgework.

Porcelain work often involves more work, including more removal of tooth tissue to accommodate the porcelain work.

Porcelain crowns are quite invasive and better used in cases where there has been work done already to teeth, eg. large fillings, root-filled teeth.

Porcelain veneers are less invasive, and can be done with minimal preparation in a lot of cases. However they can often still be more invasive than composite veneers. Porcelain veneers look really good, and can last well, but they are more at risk of fractures and are more difficult to repair. Porcelain veneers often require more involved diagnostic planning to minimise the chance of breakages. 

Porcelain crowns cost from £700/tooth (this is discounted by 15% to plan members)

Porcelain veneers cost from £700- £1200/tooth (this is discounted by 15% to plan members)

Another alternative is the Snap on Veneers. These are often only indicated in cases where there are missing teeth or misaligned teeth, or teeth with multiple restorations, where other treatments are outside the scope of treatment based on budget or other factors. These cost £1300 per arch. Snap on Veneers are not an ideal treatment, and often are not indicated. 

If your teeth are not in a favourable position for Composite Bonding, then moving your teeth first will often have to be recommended. 

Often Composite Bonding is popular, because it can enhance the smile quickly and cost-effectively, and we understand the appeal of this. We are usually good at helping weigh up the pros and cons of Composite Bonding with you, and will help you get the treatment you want. However there will be cases where we just cannot recommend the treatment either at all, or alone without alignment first. It is then up to you whether you follow our recommendations, or seek another opinion and treatment elsewhere.

We will need a consultation visit to see if this treatment is appropriate for you and to discuss your goals.

Following this, you may need treatments to get your mouth healthy enough for Composite Bonding, and this can include hygiene visits to get your gums healthy.

If you are planning to whiten your teeth, then visits will be needed for the digital scan of your teeth so that we can begin making whitening trays, and then we see you again for the fit of the trays and review how you are getting on with your whitening.

Some cases will require a smile design analysis, and models, before we can do the Composite Bonding. There is an additional fee for this if recommended, and this will be advised at your planning visit. This is usually needed in tooth wear cases, but also indicated for many cosmetic cases. 

Then the Composite Bonding visit is often done in 1 visit, depending on how many bondings are planned.

Usually no injections. Often no drilling into teeth and instead just mild contouring.

Follow up appointments are also recommended for tweaks, polishing and refinement  following the main appointment.

Please note we cannot carry out Composite Bonding if your gum health is not adequate enough. Dental hygienist visits will be recommended to help with your gum health if needed.

Most of the cosmetic cases you will have seen, have been done freehand.

We have now introduced a new technique of Smile Design on using a template to guide our Composite Bonding Smile Makeovers. Here we would use a scan of your teeth, and then we would design your smile on a model, so that we can use a template, to help build your composite work. We predict some cases involving more than 4 teeth may need this approach. 

A model template, is also usually needed for most tooth-wear cases, or cases where there are many broken or damaged teeth. In tooth-wear cases, often a functional smile analysis is required as well as smile models. If these steps are required, they will be advised before treatment.

Obviously each case is different. It is important to plan your smile journey in advance and to book on as earliest as possible to help with this.

Most treatments begin in about a month depending on appointment availability. Popular times do get booked up quickly.

Most Invisalign treatments range from 3 months to about 12 months depending on the complexity of the case. 

Whitening treatments take about a month.

Composite Bonding is only done after a 2 week break from whitening teeth. Then the Bonding is often done in one visit; however we always book follow up visits to see how you are getting on and to finish any areas not fully completed. Sometimes for more complex cases or cases with lots of teeth requiring  bonding we will need several appointments.

Often WHITENING is done before, and this takes ~1 month. Following whitening, we need to wait 2 weeks before Composite Bonding can be done.

There is always a saturation point and a limit to how white Teeth Whitening can get your teeth. 

After a course of whitening, we can review your results and see if any further treatment is recommended.

In cases where we do Composite Bonding after whitening, we can match or even enhance the whitening result. 

We use a range of high quality composite resin materials and we also stock the whitest of composite resin materials available, these include the superbright range. 

Note we also have aesthetic and natural looking composites too. And we aim to get the result that’s right for you.

We do not use a shade guide to measure whitening, as these are inaccurate and subjective. Instead we use photography and artistic judgment as well as feedback to help gauge what is right for you.

Composite Bonding can last ~5-6 years. We have been doing Composite Bonding for over 10 years and longer than 8 years in the same practice. We are still seeing results lasting well. However, we can only guarantee your work for 3 years if you’re a member of our dental plan in most cases. Otherwise we only guarantee for 12 months.

Usually a simple polish of the Composite Bonding is required once or twice a year and this can be done at your hygienist visits. Sometimes small repairs or simple replacements are needed, and these can be done at no cost during the guarantee period. After the guarantee period, any repair work or tweaks will incur a further charge. 

Composite Bonding will look their best if they’re maintained periodically with whitening and also with polishing and cosmetic hygiene once or twice a year.

A protective appliance may be recommended to help prevent damage, and improve longevity.

Regular check ups with us and regular hygiene visits will help. Maintain best by polishing ~once or twice a year with our hygienist. And Whitening Top-Ups help to keep them looking their best.

Our dental plan members have 1 check up a year and a hygiene session per year and free Whitening Top-Up at every check up appointment. 

Being on our dental plan is the best way to look after your work, and the health of your teeth and smile.

We recommend visiting the dentist and hygienist at least once a year to make sure your dental health is maintained.

Composite Bonding can be best maintained if polished roughly once  a year. 

Our dental hygienist can polish them at your regular hygiene appointments.

Often a follow-up or several follow-ups may be needed to refine the Composites.

Sometimes chips can happen, and it is about testing how the composite works in your mouth.

Composite Bonding is done to a high polish. However there is always a risk of staining, particularly if your diet includes strong curries, so we would recommend reducing these. 

Please note, that the composite bonding will never look as white as the initial visit, as on the placement visit the bonding and mouth is often dehydrated. So some mild change in the brightness of the composite is to be expected following rehydration.

Composite Bonding is often better following Invisalign treatments. 
If you are suitable for just composite bonding treatment without Invisalign first, then the fee for Composite Bonding is between £300 to £400 per tooth. 

0% finance options available subject to status.

Yes, we have 0% finance up to 24 months and an interest-bearing finance over a longer term.

Finance applications are subject to status.

We can do a soft check, so that we can see what the chance of success of your finance application will be without it affecting your credit rating.

We cannot guarantee a finance application will be approved

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