Crowns & Dental Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Ever had a chipped or sore tooth that seems ok, but you’ve really just been putting off getting it fixed?  Or maybe, you might be worried that it could be getting worse, and you don’t know when it would flare up with pain again, or whether it would even break beyond repair. Or you may have gaps or loose teeth, and you need a way to help restore your smile.

Well, we all know the importance of your teeth for chewing and eating. But you may not know that we all have different forces and ways we load our teeth, and that’s why it’s important for us to assess your teeth before deciding on what treatment is suitable.

You may need crown work to help restore the shape and strength of some of your teeth, or sometimes you might just need a world class filling with good compressive strengths like the “sonicfill” we use at Bury Dental Centre.

Also, we will assess the need for any endodontic procedures that might be needed. We have a bespoke dental microscope at Bury Dental Centre, and this allows us to better see the structures of your teeth so that we can better assess and treat your teeth.

You may have missing teeth and need a way to restore this, other than with dentures; and this is where bridgework or implants may be useful for you. The success of any treatment will come down to the right planning and assessment, and to plan what’s best in your circumstances, as well as to help you best maintain any work that is done.

This may seem like a lot of work, and you may be concerned with your budget for treatment, but at Bury Dental Centre, we do have solutions that can help with your budgets, including zero percent interest options, subject to status.

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Wow, going to the dentist has changed a lot since being forced to go as a child. I have been subscribed to a dental plan with Bury Dental Centre for over 3 years now and the service has always been brilliant. Daniel is a fantastic dentist, very patient and easy to talk too, and his staff have always been warm and helpful during every visit. If you are looking for a dentist I would totally recommend Bury Dental Centre.

Chris Abell


Daniel is an amazing dentist who puts 100% in to every treatment that he carries out, he makes you feel at ease at every appointment and I can't express how happy I am with the treatment I have received! I strongly recommend this practice to anybody. The practice has a lovely atmosphere and all the staff make you feel very welcome! The dental hygiene I have received has been brilliant too... what a fantastic team of staff!

Beth Walmersley