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A lot of our patients have seen the benefits of being a member of one of our dental plans. It’s a great, easy way to ensure that you’re getting your regular check-ups as well as the maintenance hygiene visits that we recommend.

We have two dental plans to keep things simple and easy and we can help you join the right one. To make it even easier, you can even join online via our website.

It’s been found that patients on a dental plan are more likely to enjoy a number of benefits, and these include:-
fewer fillings because problems are caught early; less dental decay due to regular examinations; a decreased chance of experiencing toothache; more attractive teeth, stronger gums and fresher breath.

From less than the cost of a box of chocolates a week, our dental plans give you the most value for your dental care and more. We’ve been told by our plan providers that we have more benefits of our dental plans than others out there. By being on one of our dental plans, your dental check-ups and hygiene maintenance are just some of the things you don’t have to worry about.

 It helps spread the costs of these visits and it works out cheaper too.
One of the biggest benefits of being a plan member is that you get 15% off most dental treatment, and sometimes even more (except orthodontics, implants, and hygiene).

Want whiter teeth? Being a plan member means you have a large discount on professional teeth whitening and the bonus of having a free whitening top-up at every hygienist visit. This means you can be sure your smile is looking its best all year round.

Other benefits include worldwide dental accident & emergency cover and many more benefits and we can advise you of these when you come in, as well as more information on our website.

If you would like to make the simple and smart choice and join many others already benefiting from being on the dental plan, as well as save money, then please just contact us and one of our friendly team will help you out.

Need help booking in? Just contact us on 0161 761 1909

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