• Plan membership is £15.60/month
  • Up to two check-ups per year
  • Up to two hygiene vists per year
  • Worldwide Dental Accident and Emergency Cover
  • Treatment guaranteed up to 3 years (any exclusions will be advised)
  • Free Pola-day or Pola-night whitening top-up at your check up
  • Discount code, and online ordering access to our SmileStore
  • Offers for our Lips Treatments
  • Offers for our Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Treatments
  • We will only be treating members on our dental plan

We are now a dental-plan only private practice. Therefore we can only treat members who are exclusively on our dental plan.

We find our patients who are on our dental plan are our most loyal patients. 

This means we can focus all our efforts and resources on our most loyal patients. 

We also find that our patients on a dental plan, keep their appointments, and follow the advice to look after their teeth the best.

By being a member of our practice, we find you will have less dental problems and you are someone who is motivated to look after your dental health. 

You can also access our SmileStore with exclusive discount codes for online shopping.

(For any of our existing patients that are under treatment who are not on our dental plan, we can continue to offer treatment, for your current course of treatment. All future courses of treatment will be offered only on plan membership, alternatively, we will be adding a service charge which will be £250 and will not include any of our dental plan benefits or our dental plan reduced fees for treatment.)

(For any new patients not wishing to join our dental plan, we cannot offer any treatment at the quoted fees;  your dental fees will be 30% more than your quoted estimate and we will have to add a service charge of £500 and will not include any of our dental plan benefits.)

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