Free Consultation  Free
A deposit will be required to secure your appointment

New patient examination £50

Regular examination £30

Dental plan offers available


Hygiene £70

Pearl Polish £60

Pearl Clean £100

Perio chart and full mouth detox, and perio review over 3 visits £300

Hygiene plans available
There are no plan discounts for hygiene appointments 

Invisalign® treatments

As with other types of orthodontic treatment, the cost of Invisalign treatment depends on the complexity of your teeth straightening issue and your course of treatment. As a general rule the cost is comparable to traditional fixed braces and is typically between £2,500 and £5,500.

At Bury Dental Centre, as we continue to be one of the fastest growing Invisalign® providers in the North West, our costs can range from £1400 to £4700. See our Invisalign Page for our most popular offers.

Standard Removable Retainer £120 per arch

Fixed Retainer £120 per arch

Quality Vivera® Retainers £360 for set of 3 (upper and lower arch)

It is best to book in on our Invisalign Consultation slots with our Invisalign Coordinator, for huge dental plan discounts and offers on Invisalign treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry

Boutique Whitening 4 gel package £350 (£210 with our dental plan)
((With Invisalign or Composite Bonding, we sometimes have Free whitening offers, and also huge discounts with our dental plan. Dental Plan members also get a free PolaDay topup at their plan hygiene visits)

Boutique Whitening 8 gel package £480

Boutique 4 kit top-up £180

Boutique single syringe top-up £45

Boutique 3D scanned bespoke tray £120 per arch
(Look out for Whitening offers combined with other treatments)

Pola Top-up Whitening £20/syringe
(1 free at hygiene visits for our dental plan-patients)

Composite Bonding 
Our usual fees for Composite Bonding range from about £320 to £380 per tooth.
Most people join our dental plans where there are big discounts to treatment (often about £100 per tooth discount), see our Instagram page as well as our Composite Bonding page for any offers.

Porcelain Veneers from £750 per tooth

Cosmetic Crowns from £750 per tooth

Fibre Composite Bridge from £1600

Resin Bonded Bridge from £1600

Porcelain Zirconia Bridge from £795 per unit

White Fillings from £180 per tooth

Dental plan discounts applicable for 15% off or more

Lips, Nose, Cheeks BTX-A

Lips 1ml £220

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (nose) 1ml £590

Cheeks (both) 2ml £460

Fillers for the face 1ml £220

BTX-A 1 area £180

BTX-A 2 areas £260

BTX-A 3 areas £300

BTX-A 4 areas £360

Gummy smile £180

Down-turned mouth £180

Lips and BTX-A 2 areas package £420

Lips and BTX-A 3 areas package £460

Dental plan discounts applicable for 15% off

Dental emergency

Same-Day emergency booking fee £180
(this does not include treatment and will need paying in advance to secure your appointment)

Other Day emergency booking fee £120 
(this does not include treatment and will need paying in advance to secure your apointment)

Antibiotics £10

Simple emergency treatment £140 (in addition to the emergency booking fee)
(this may be a simple extraction, or simple crown recement, or temporary filling)

Complex emergency treatment £220 (in addition to the emergency booking fee)
(this may be a complex extraction, or a complex crown recement, or a root canal dressing, or a complex temporary cosmetic treatment)

Because we don’t know the complexity of the emergency work until you are assessed, we would recommend you budget for up to £220 on the visit, in addition to the deposit fee)

Dental plan members have no emergency visit fee, and 15% off the emergency treatment

Other treatments

Root canal treatment £700 per tooth
(does not include the restoration)

Re-root canal treatment £1200 per tooth 
(does not include the restoration)

Mouth Guards from £130 per arch

Functional protective appliance from £360 per arch

Tooth Contouring alone £100 per tooth

Periodontal splinting of loose teeth £300

Acrylic dentures £900 per arch

Denture addition £120 per tooth

Dental plan discounts applicable for 15% off


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