Lip Treatments are very popular as they can help enhance the look of your face and smile when done with these considerations in mind,

Restoring lost definition and volume, or enhancing deficient areas, all can help with the the aesthetic, beautiful look. 

The treatment is done relatively quickly, and as we pride ourselves on carrying out these treatments in a clean, clinical environment, with the right kind of professional care, these are one of our most popular facial aesthetic treatments.

We understand what looks good, and what looks too much, and we know how shape and definition of your lips can affect how you feel about yourself. 

With a consultation, and assessment, followed by gentle, controlled techniques, with local or topical anaesthetic administered with minimal or no discomfort, you can feel confident you’re in the right hands. 


At Bury Dental Centre, your procedure will be carried out in a safe and clean, well-lit clinical environment by cosmetic professionals trained in safe protocols of treatment. You can call us or book online to make an appointment. 

With good quality, long-lasting dermal-fillers, made from naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid, we can help with:-

  • Thin lips
  • Loss of defined lip borders
  • Enhancing volume of lips
  • Shaping of the Cupid’s bow.
  • Selective volumisation of lip areas
  • Adding, or enhancing philtrum pillars
  • Age-appropriate restoration
  • Dissolving of fillers if indicated.
Every patient is different, so one or a combination of these may be suggested.

We don’t offer a fee for half ml fillers. We just charge per full 1ml, whether this is fully used or not. We aim to use what is appropriate and we would consult with you if more is indicated. Usually if more than 1ml is needed, this is done at later visits. 


By using careful injections of dermal fillers, made of hyaluronic acid, at specific areas of the lips, we can change and improve the appearance of the lips with immediate results.

Initially we place a topical aneasthetic to numb the area, then we can also place a local anaesthetic to further numb the lips, we do not charge extra for this and suggest this for best comfort.
Then we place small precise injections of dermal filers to the lip borders first, followed by other areas that may benefit from the fillers, like the body of the lips, and the Cupid’s Bow, and if you like, we can also do the Philtrum area.

The actual procedure itself is pretty quick, from 10 to 20 minutes. But do expect to be with us for up to an hour, to allow us time to consult and assess properly, to ensure you are numbed up, and for us to take great photos for before and after.

The procedure costs £230 for 1ml of lip filler. We would not advise more than 1ml at any one appointment.

Dental Plan Members £180

We can offer 0% (interest-free) finance subject to status. We have the ability to do a soft credit check so as not to affect your credit status. 
Please note, if you think you would want finance, please let us know in advance, as we will not be able to do the treatment on the same day.

 It is very common for the lips to become quite swollen, and this may last a few days. There may also be bruising of the lips and possibly around the lips also.

If you feel that your lips are excessively swollen and getting worse, or if there is accompanied pain, then we would advise letting us know as soon as possible by dropping us a call or email.

Following fillers, a lumpy feeling can be quite normal as the fillers settle in the lips. After about 2 weeks, these will feel smoother. If you feel you are concerned by any lumps, then just contact us to review you. 
If you notice painful lumps that are getting bigger or worse, then please contact us as soon as possible.

Avoid touching the lips or wearing lip stick or makeup for 12 hours. 
You can apply a cold compress, or use a clean towel wrapped round some frozen peas, to help with swelling. 
You can also gently and cleanly apply arnica gel to aid with swelling. 

Avoid exercise for 24 hours. 
Avoid sunbathing, or lasers or facials for 2 weeks.
Avoiding dental treatment for 1 week.


We don’t need a review appointment if you are happy with how they look. If however there is excessive swelling, or swelling and pain, that is getting worse, we would advise contacting us as soon as possible.

If you feel you are not happy with your lips, we would wait at least 2 weeks before considering further treatment. If after this time, you want to book in to review and discuss, just contact us.
Adding more fillers will often incur a further charge, and we do charge per ml even if less than this is used. We can also dissolve fillers if indicated and this can be done free of charge.

Most treatments last up to about 9 months.

Our favoured filler at the moment is Teosyal PureSense Kiss for harmonization of the lip contour and volume.

Teosyal® Kiss is specifically adapted to the mobility of the lips. With its optimum cohesivity and ideal elastic profile it offers a smoother injection with optimal control to achieve natural and long-lasting results. It Includes LIDOCAINE for more comfortable injections. Safely adding definition and volume for beautiful lips.

We also sometimes use Juverderm.

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