Teeth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening

A lot of patients ask us about teeth whitening; and with our free whitening top-ups for our dental plan members, it’s also one of our most popular cosmetic treatments.
You may have found that in photos with your friends or while taking them many selfies that your teeth aren’t looking as white as they could be. Well, imagine being able to smile with confidence and have people come up to you and compliment your smile.

We can help you by professionally assessing your smile and teeth, and we can then advise and provide the most suitable treatment for you.

The process of teeth whitening is pretty simple and straight forward. After we’ve made sure it’s an appropriate treatment for you, we take impressions of your teeth, so that we can make bespoke custom fitted trays. Then you simply use the professional teeth whitening gels within these trays as directed.

We follow an evidence-based protocol to ensure you get the best out of your whitening.

Call us on 0161 761 1909 to speak to one of our friendly team advisors. Thank you.


Wow, going to the dentist has changed a lot since being forced to go as a child. I have been subscribed to a dental plan with Bury Dental Centre for over 3 years now and the service has always been brilliant. Daniel is a fantastic dentist, very patient and easy to talk too, and his staff have always been warm and helpful during every visit. If you are looking for a dentist I would totally recommend Bury Dental Centre.

Chris Abell


Daniel is an amazing dentist who puts 100% in to every treatment that he carries out, he makes you feel at ease at every appointment and I can't express how happy I am with the treatment I have received! I strongly recommend this practice to anybody. The practice has a lovely atmosphere and all the staff make you feel very welcome! The dental hygiene I have received has been brilliant too... what a fantastic team of staff!

Beth Walmersley

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