SnapChat at Bury Dental Centre

SnapChat at Bury Dental Centre

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Hi, everyone, we’ve now got a snapchat filter, so when you next come in, why not take that selfie with us.
#snapchat #bury

We’re always looking at ways to make your visit feel more comfortable, and more fun and relaxed. We take our work very seriously and pride ourselves on the professional approach to all our planning and work. We do though also know and respect that it can sometimes feel quite nerve-wracking to visit a dentist. We don’t want that, we want you to feel at home. We really want you to enjoy your every visit.

So, why not come along and check us out. If you know anyone who’s visited us before, you will already know what we’re like, you will know that we love our patients, and we want the best for you. You’re worth it!

So join us, follow us, like us, and catch up with us. Take your phone, take your selfies, and take that snapchat or insta with our free wifi. We look forward to seeing you then. Dental Marketing

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Bury Dental Centre

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